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NZBusiness December 2016

Fortune favours the bold

When Karim Hussona’s plan for a wholesale fax service failed to take...

NZBusiness November 2016

Pride and perfection

From humble beginnings Bron Thomson’s digital design business Springload has...

NZBusiness October 2016

Exit stage right

For most baby boomer business owners the time to exit their business is fast approaching.

NZBusiness September 2016


Balancing baby with business

Kagi Jewellery turns 10 this year.

NZBusiness August 2016



Wendy Thompson admits to just owning a lifestyle business for the first three years of Socialites. 

NZBusiness July 2016


When siblings shine 

What happens when brothers and sisters go into business together?

NZBusiness June 2016

Of ventures & voyages

Simon McDonald is a self-confessed ‘serial inventor’, now building his second dental-related dynasty while positively impacting young Kiwis through the Hawaiki Rising Trust. 

NZBusiness May 2016

Bridging the ethnic divide

In recent years New Zealand’s business landscape has had a seismic shift in its ethnic make-up – particularly with the growth in Asian businesses in Auckland. We examine this amazing diversity and meet some of the forward-thinking business leaders working to bring the Asian and mainstream business communities together.

NZBusiness April 2016

Here comes Mr Fix-it

Every so often a game-changing technology comes along to seriously disrupt a product sector. Andrew Wigney’s pioneering BOOST FP rechargeable battery is one of them. Now he’s hanging on for the business ride of his life. 

NZBusiness March 2016

Meet the geospatial wizards

They operate in an exclusive industry sector; one that presents its own unique set of challenges. Vicinity Solutions’ Shelley Sutcliffe and Bryan Clarke have been thoroughly tested along their business journey, but have loved every minute.