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New Zealand Company Vehicle

Advertising Manager: Dan Prestige
New Zealand Company Vehicle reaches key people in fleet buying and management and presents key information to them in a concise, businesslike manner. It provides a cost effective means of reaching the fleet market, a market that accounts for a huge 80% of new vehicle sales in New Zealand. It is a magazine for business executives managing a vehicle fleet, not car enthusiasts, produced by a team who understand the needs of the fleet operator and aim to tailor the magazine to meet those needs. The Executive Cars section includes tests and news about executive cars (generally those with a list price of over $70,000 Inc GST of immediate interest to the main readers of the magazine.

Circulation Info:
ABC audit to March 2017: 6,167 copies (rolling)

Advertising Contact

Dan Prestige
Advertising Sales Manager Automotive Group
  • 09 477 0361