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NZBusiness October 2007

Keeping the greens
Pimp My Lawn is an innovative new franchise business taking root in the Hawke’s Bay. Glenn Baker caught up with co-creator Kate Bromley
The direction finders
The story of Direction Software is one of Kiwi entrepreneurship and clever strategy implementation. NZBusiness talks to the sales and creative bloke about their strategy execution software tool.
COVER STORY: Mind over matter
What personality

NZBusiness September 2007

If at first you don’t succeed….
When the going gets too tough in business, it may be time to change the rules completely. Robin Major finds a good example in South Canterbury business iRULE.

UK the easy way
Setting up business in the UK is considerably easier when leveraging off the services of UK Trade & Investment and its partners. Glenn Baker highlights one company taking this ‘soft landing’ approach.

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