NZBusiness September 2016

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Balancing baby with business

Kagi Jewellery turns 10 this year. But for its creator Kat Gee, another special little birthday late last year is proving to be far more life changing. The new ‘mumpreneur’ has found managing a baby and a business her biggest challenge yet.

Friends on a mission

Childhood friends James Calver and Alex Magaraggia have established a multi-million dollar business in five years. And they aren’t stopping there. 
An accidental entrepreneur
Ralph Behrens could be described as an accidental entrepreneur who has somewhat reluctantly accepted his Natural Beds business needs to grow.  
Feeling the love
A previous career, raw instinct, and sheer bloody-mindedness have all helped Sharon Stewart create her luxury personalised visitor experience.

Charting a new course

NZBusiness reviews New Zealand’s dynamic MBA marketplace.
The Interview: Merilyn Havler
The owner-director of Beauty Review has created another business in response to changing consumer trends. 
Out of respect
Sue Skeet’s passion is to make her start-up the authoritative source of life/death data for businesses. 
It’s All Good
How the ethical banana came to New Zealand.    
You say you will, but will you?
Always do what you say you will do, and take your business to a higher level of authenticity and trust. 
Bare and bold
After conquering other global markets the nakd luxury artesian water brand has finally come home.