NZBusiness September 2012

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The accidental entrepreneur

Every business owner has their challenges, especially in the highly competitive café world. Kim Evans’ first café left her passion crushed, her trust in people shot and her finances in the red. But there is no holding this woman back and just a few years later Kim’s Little & Friday business is booming and she’s far wiser. Just don’t call her a café owner. Lesley Springall has her inspiring story.

Degrees of flavour: 2013 MBA Guide

Choosing which MBA programme to run with in New Zealand is a bit like selecting your favourite ice cream flavour: they’re all good. Kevin Kevany reviews the MBA landscape and meets some of the people putting in the hard yards. And our comprehensive guide lets you compare the programmes on offer.

Cloud computing demystified
Cloud computing saves businesses time and money, but, as Bill Bennett explains in this straight-forward guide, they are not the only reasons why you should consider it.

Speed Interview
Tenby Powell, highly successful entrepreneur and the driving force behind the New Zealand SME Business Network, faces our ten questions. Learn about the Network’s objectives, and Tenby’s thoughts on business and the way the Government is handling the economy.

Staying responsible

Rachel Taulelei is a change-maker in our fishing industry. Her Wellington-based business is built on the values of sustainability, responsibility and consideration for future generations.

Lessons on survival
Cheap furniture imports have taken their toll on New Zealand’s furniture manufacturers. Basement’s Glenn Hogg shares his survival lessons.

On the buses
In just under six years Hamish Nuttall’s has turned New Zealand’s city-to-city bus transport market on its head. He shares the view from the driver’s seat.