NZBusiness October 2016

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Exit stage right
For most baby boomer business owners the time to exit their business is fast approaching. However, whether that exit can be classed as dignified or disastrous depends almost entirely on how well they plan it. Before the tsunami happens, we go in search of some timely advice and inspiration.

Building bridges through wine
John Belsham has been producing fine wine for 40 years.
Moving with the times
A clever business model and service that’s 100 percent focused on customers’ needs has seen Auckland-based

The Interview: Mark Collins
Mark Collins spent most of his life engaged in business in Australia and Africa, until he saw an opportunity going begging in Tauranga.
Demand driven
As start-up LazyAz delivers its ‘on demand services’, the next evolution in online shopping gets underway in New Zealand.
Less drudge, more empowerment
Looking at an accounting software upgrade, but having difficulty making sense of the options? Our Accounting Solutions Guide is here to help.
The engineer turned entrepreneur
James Holder’s rally tripmeters are the preferred choice of most top World Rally Championship teams.|
Pie perfection
Meet Patrick Lam of Tauranga-based Patrick’s Pie Group. His bacon and egg pies are to die for!

Are you really busy?

What really lies behind the desire for people to be seen to be busy? This month Chris Taylor explains why it pays to always tell the truth.
Smoothing the path to your customer
How easy is it for potential customers to get to your door?
Time for a tech tune-up?
Coping with massive business growth requires smart technology. Richard Conway talks us through the best tools out there.
Happy customers, happy business
Value your customers in the same way you value your partner, says Mat Wylie.

Tech Stuff with Bill Bennett
Franchise File|
Marketing Maestro
Export Report
Issues with Balls