NZBusiness May 2017

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Kaz’s delicious obsession

It started with Christmas cakes at local markets. Over many years the indefatigable Kaz Staples has tackled business goals with a fierce determination. Today, although the Pure Delish founder’s having to lighten her workload, her
passion remains undiminished.


Bridging home and school
Over two decades, sKids has become synonymous with out-of-school programs for kids. Director Dawn Engelbrecht opens up about the unique community-focused franchise.

Southern recruiters
Tom Sweeney and Cory Richards have built up a specialist IT recruitment company in Dunedin and growth has far exceeded their expectations.

Living life to the max
When Vaughn Davis is out of the office, the business owner, talk-show host, blogger and social media aficionado is likely flying the wild blue yonder.


A stroke of genius
Kiwi enterprise CricHQ intends becoming ‘the world’s largest cricket broadcaster’, and potentially more.

Waste not, want not
Raglan’s Xtreme Zero Waste is a great example of the outcomes possible when a community supports a recycling initiative.

Innovative funding options
Looking to raise finance for business growth, or to ease cashflow concerns? This mini-guide presents some options.

A beginner’s guide to start-ups
The four biggest lies people tell you about starting a business.
Plus, Start-up of the Month: PT Mentor’s Rich Ellis.

The Exporter Pages 
Tapping the minds of offshore consumers; exhibiting at Frankfurt’s ‘fair for all seasons’; and Laszlo Boats' amazing export journey.

The power of purpose
Abbie Reynolds uses a whale stranding to highlight the power of purpose and the opportunity to innovate against the threat of climate change.

No business ever drives itself
A founder business is like a bespoke sports car, say Marisa Fong and Galia Barhava-Monteith. If the founder’s focus is elsewhere, that car can stall.


Demystifying social media
For many business owners social media marketing remains a mystery. Social media strategist Pauline Stockhausen explains why it can’t be ignored as a marketing platform.

Smarter search: the trends for SEO success
Why small businesses and marketers must really plan and strategize their content efforts if they want to get ahead in 2017. 

The key to measuring success
Which KPIs deliver the most valuable reports for your industry, and how the IoT makes it easier to uncover the information you need.  

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