NZBusiness March 2017

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Icom New Zealand is an inspiring example of the synergy that can exist between a manager and a managing director who share a common desire to take the business to the next level. After three and a half years working together Sharon Dawson and Simon Green are revitalising the radio communications marketplace.


Fighting the good fight
Prior to New Zealand’s Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act coming into force, Richard Manthel launched a consultancy to assist reporting entities in navigating the legislation. The business has grown swiftly.

An idea worth chasing
Launching a start-up while juggling three toddlers is no easy feat. Just ask
Kai Carrier mumpreneur Kylie Matthews.

Being the best they can be
Pacific Discovery’s Rachel Sanson and Scott Burnett have built a thriving Nelson-based business marketing experiential gap year programmes.


Drawing comparisons
What does it take to start a successful web-based comparative site? Denis Tyurkov and Michael Speight have mastered the art.

No more ‘wait and see’ for cloud
Are businesses making the most of the benefits of cloud solutions? We address some of the lingering questions surrounding cloud delivery.

 Breaching the great China payment wall
Accessing Chinese consumers through e-commerce is a growing opportunity. The key is providing preferred payment methods through a trusted API platform
like Latipay.

 Is your business ready for the low-carbon economy?
Businesses that change behaviours and take advantage of the low-carbon transition now can secure a sustainable future.

The changing face of business ownership
More women are taking up the challenge of business ownership, but both genders benefit hugely from the advice of business mentors.

Help desk

From best laid plans
Sally Hennah’s on a mission to make business planning faster and easier and her online tool is the means to that end.

Golden rules for small businesses with big aspirations
Elliot Cooper has advice for those who want to go from two staff to 200, and it all starts with your business systems.

Mindset matters most
How mental toughness helps business owners perform better and succeed quicker.

Lessons from London
Richard Conway shares some leadership takeaways from the EO London Global University.


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