NZBusiness March 2013

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'B’ is for basics

John “Mac” Macpherson despises pomp and pretension. When it comes to good business, it’s all about the basics – except when it comes to technology. Macpherson set up Advintage in 1999 to get away from all the pretension surrounding wine at that time. Today the business sells several thousand cases of wine every week, 85 percent online. Lesley Springall uncorks an interesting business progression.

Grow how?

Business owners need money, markets and management to get ahead, but without connections you’re not going to get anywhere. Lesley Springall presents the second of two articles drawn from the Angel Association’s annual summit to help bridge the gap between investors and get ahead entrepreneurs.

Dealing with the slow payers
If your business has cashflow or debtor problems it’s probably your fault. Kevin Kevany gets the lowdown on sound debtor management and credit control from the experts.

Fighting food fraud
Oritain Global is leading the battle against food fraud and helping protect New Zealand’s food exporters, by scientifically certifying the origins of food.

In safe hands
If you’re serious about growing your business, you’ll need to surround yourself with trusted advisors. Patricia Moore talks to the professionals about how best to find and maintain key business partnerships.

Breaking stereotypes

Wendy Roigard is an entrepreneur who relishes being thrown in the deep end. She also happens to know how to turn out a legendary drop of boutique ale.
The business built on word of mouth
After almost six years of reinvesting profits, Builderscrack co-founder Mark Dickson says his online trades services business has finally come of age.
A glass act
Peter Raos has a long association with glass artistry in New Zealand and overseas. This talented artist also has a sharp business mind.