NZBusiness June 2012

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Selling science
Barnaby May is a poster-boy of New Zealand’s biotech sector. Helping build Mesynthes from the ground up, the 2012 Young Biotechnologist of the Year wears a research hat, but contributes to many aspects of business including quality, regulatory, marketing, clinical studies, business development and securing funding. Above all, he’s driven by the desire to develop new products for export return. By Glenn Baker.

The lure of the franchise
The franchise industry took a hit during the GFC, but in recent times interest has been picking up again. Patricia Moore reviews the market and obtains advice for both franchisors and franchisees.
Bankers lend an ear
Business bankers are no longer the people who just provide loans and overdrafts. As Steve Hart reports, they now also offer advice, bring businesses together and open doors.
Keeping up with customers
CRM in 2012 is about ‘customer intimacy’, ‘coherency’ and a buffet of options from the Cloud to hybrids. Kevin Kevany investigates the changing world of customer relationship management.
NEW SERIES: The exit factor
Business mentor Laura Humphreys believes every business owner can build a business that will lead to financial freedom. Each month she shares key strategies and invites guest entrepreneurs to share their success tips. This month: Xero CEO Rod Drury.

Raising a fruit cidery
A business management partnership anchored in years of international marketing experience has helped Old Mout Cider become a category leader.
Perfecting the art
Zany Zeus is an award-winning Lower Hutt cheesemaker that recently opened its first retail store. Owner Michael Matsis shares their success secrets.
Party plan’s sizzling comeback
Whitehot Jewellery is a ‘party plan’ business bucking a few trends and out to take New Zealand by storm.

Handling the peaks and troughs
How a financial roadmap can help improve profit and cashflow.
Bigger is not always better
11 points to consider when growing your business horizons.
Beating that mid-life crisis
School support: A series on social responsibility
Switching channels
Traditional vs online marketing strategies.
Using your dreams