NZBusiness July 2016

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When siblings shine 

What happens when brothers and sisters go into business together?
NZBusiness went in search of siblingpowered enterprises to prove that when it comes to chasing a common goal, blood ties can provide the winning ingredient.

Seeing is believing

The Print Tank’s Janah Kingi and Rowan O’Brien show what can be achieved with some business nous and ‘3D Effect’ printing.
Ambitious and driven
Mark Fisher was kicked out of school when he was 16. He decided to take a crash-course in business and 15 years later the world is his oyster.
Market momentum
Rachelle and Chris Duffy launched The Little Big Markets, a Mount Maunganui based artisan market, in 2009 with a vision of bringing communities together. 

Finance that supports growth

Is business expansion being hindered by a lack of funds? Get acquainted with debtor finance – ‘dynamic’ finance that grows in line with turnover.
Walking in Adventure Wonderland
Getting the WayWiser online adventure platform started was a major challenge. Fortunately the founders had a digital accelerator on their side.
The Interview: Peter Butler
Forest Herbs Research is experiencing growing global demand for its clinically proven anti-fungal products.
Food Fraud: The $71 billion Dollar question 
How Oritain works with leading exporters to protect their brands from food fraud in world markets.
Still focused after all those years 
Andy Hamilton reflects on 15 years at The Icehouse Business Growth Hub.
Why business must act on climate change
Rachel Brown spells out what climate change means for Kiwi businesses.
How to rank on Google 
SEO guru Richard Conway reveals Google’s top three ranking signals.