NZBusiness April 2016

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Here comes Mr Fix-it

Every so often a game-changing technology comes along to seriously disrupt a product sector. Andrew Wigney’s pioneering BOOST FP rechargeable battery is one of them. Now he’s hanging on for the business ride of his life. 

Leading by example

Kendal Vehicle Services is celebrating 21 years of keeping the customer satisfied. For owner Carol Bradley it’s another milestone on a hard worked journey.
Aim for the bulls-eye
The game of darts has been revitalised in recent times through TV exposure. Riding the crest of its popularity is Katikati business Puma Darts.
For the love of timber
Paul Roest could have had a successful career in environmental science, but the urge to create his own unique style of furniture was too strong. 

Safeguarding your business from risk

Do not put your business or yourself at risk unnecessarily. With new laws coming into effect in 2016 the consequences could be beyond dire.
Of the people, for the people
Worldwide a number of indigenous economies are outpacing the countries they reside in. Graeme Everton is working tirelessly to foster international indigenous trade.
How posture can be a pain in the neck
Physiotherapists have been counting the cost of poor posture to business, and it’s much higher than you would imagine.
Outweighing the competition
From July 1st exporters must verify all container weights using certified weighing equipment. BISON weighing jacks address this massive commercial opportunity.
Mixing charity and business
Meet three organisations that successfully demonstrate the power of social conscience in business and social enterprise in charities.
The Interview: Bartercard’s John Scott
Bartercard New Zealand CEO John Scott embarked on a remarkable transformation project, and there are lessons for all size businesses.
Searching for that star ranking
Richard Conway delivers some practical tips on how to top the search rankings in 2016.