DEMM Engineering & Manufacturing October 2011

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Product Watch
A roundup of technologies and services designed to increase the productivity, efficiency and safety of the engineering and manufacturing sector.
Energy Efficiency
Interesting comments, strategies and new technologies gravitating around the important topics of saving energy and increasing profitability.
Saving makes business sense
Saving energy is not just about social responsibility. It is also a powerful tool to contain costs, as many New Zealand companies have found out. Jenny Baker reports.
Motors And Drives
A product update including SEW Eurodrive’s new solution for heavy-duty applications and some tips on choosing between electric and pneumatic drives.
Recycling And Waste Management
Learn how the RF valve increases operational and maintenance savings and what the Kawerau District Council has to say about its Watson-Marlow Bredel pumps.
Maintenance Matters
MESNZ secretary Craig Carlyle comments on the supply of tradesmen and training of apprentices in NZ. This feature also includes a preliminary report on the National Maintenance Engineering Conference 2011.
Industry Watch & Coming Events