The owner manager’s magazine
NZBusiness is the magazine targeted squarely at this nation’s owner operators and owner managers. Their businesses (defined as those employing 1- 20 staff), make up 96% of all enterprises by number and account for nearly 40% of value added output.

Who We Reach
Typical readers of NZBusiness are business owners, partners, directors, and general managers of companies with annual turnovers up to $20 million. The magazine also reaches managers in larger companies, government agencies and corporates which have a small business interest. Around 25% of readers are employed in these areas.
The magazine has strong partnerships with The ICEHOUSE Business Growth Centre, BNI International and Business Mentors New Zealand – all of which distribute and promote the magazine to their clients’ members and mentors. NZBusiness has a mix of paid and controlled targeted circulation.




The magazine covers a range of topics of interest to business owners and operators.
Editorial content is designed to inform, inspire and educate readers. Feature articles provide more in-depth information whilst profiles and case studies provide inspirational and aspirational content.
Articles are short and concise to quickly provide readers with the information they need to better manage their businesses. Concurrent advertising by suppliers and service providers give the reader a source of more detailed information if required.

Regular content includes:

  • Recent news of interest to owner managers covering business technology, employment matters, office products, business services, legislation and specific events
  • Business owner profiles which provide practical, interesting advice and motivation
  • Strong emphasis on training, education, marketing and export
  • Articles on market trends, legislation, newly-released products and services, and useful ‘helpdesk’-style pieces
  • Reviews on specific new business products and/or services
  • An extensive business technology section
  • Regular special features which provide topical, educational information

Key Facts
The magazine is produced in four colour A4 format on matt/satin paper. The distribution is a mixture of paid circulation, plus controlled circulation copies addressed to specific individuals.

Magazine Staff

Advertising Manager Business titles

Leanne has lived and worked abroad and worked specifically in Publishing on and off for 10 years including 7 years working at Adrenalin.  Leanne has a background in the travel industry and counselling working in Australia with a variety of clients.

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Glenn is editor of NZBusiness and Exporter magazines. His writing career spans the radio, television and magazine industries and he has co-owned a small wholesale business. Glenn is passionate about supporting NZ's SMB sector.

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