New Zealand Export & Trade Handbook

The New Zealand Export and Trade Handbook is an instruction book not a theory book. It is a popular international guide to doing business with New Zealand. Updated and reviewed annually, it provides a wealth of specialised information relevant to New Zealand’s export/import industry.

The contents of this publication cover the most important aspects of export and import management and detailed information to help the exporter in today’s market. For new entrants to the field, it is guaranteed to take much of the frustration out of being a novice by dramatically reducing the length of the learning curve.

The publication provides information on International Trade, Export / Import Management, Sales and Marketing, Freight and Logistics, Airfreight, Seafreight Finance, Insurance, Customs, Taxation, Packaging and Labelling, Legal, Online Business, Communication Technology, and a Help Desk which includes education, networking and government assistance.

It is distributed to 3500 businesses involved in exporting from New Zealand and is available in printed format and also digitally on the Zinio platform.

The New Zealand Export and Trade Handbook is published by the team at Adrenalin Publishing who also publish Exporter magazine and NZBusiness magazine led by editor Glenn Baker.

Editor’s Note
Message from the Minister of Trade
Message from ExportNZ Chair

1. China​
An overview of the many opportunities that lie within the vast China market. Learn about the regional and tier-2 city markets, the various sales channels and the fundamentals of marketing and branding. Get up to speed on IP; discover the secrets of minimising risk and maximising collaboration, as well as connecting and engaging through social media. Most importantly, learn how e-commerce is the major pathway to Chinese consumers.
2. International Trade
A general introduction to exporting. Getting prepared; financing your export programme. Get introduced to IP, business structures, employment, and Customs compliance. Learn the five C’s of exporting; get tips on market research, export logistics, local compliance and legal issues, seeking local contacts, getting paid, building credibility, and much more.
3. Export Management
International market research, market positioning, distribution and market representation, social media and Internet sales, price setting, strategic planning, shipping, export regulations, risk and security, cultural awareness. Get up to speed on international trade documentation and exporting perishable cargo.
4. Import Management
Insurance, freight, the regulatory environment, choosing a partner, writing a business plan, support agencies, key import service providers, methods of payment, import documentation, tariffs and concessions and clearing Customs.
5. Freight & Logistics
Agreeing on terms, getting paid, transport options, cargo insurance categories, working with freight forwarders, air freight, air freight capacity, air cargo handling services.
6. Sea Freight
Shipping news; sea freight alliances; port developments. The relationship with freight forwarders and logistics providers; shipping terminology; Alphaliner’s top 30 operated fleets, plus shipping services to and from New Zealand.
7. Customs
All you need to know about Customs requirements: The Tariff of New Zealand, tariff concessions, lodging a customs clearance, export clearance requirements, Secure Exports Scheme, import requirements, clearing goods, importer’s checklist, and much more.
8. Finance
Identifying the risks, options for settling international trade debts, other methods of securing payment, trading in a foreign currency and managing the exchange risk, financing the trade cycle, short-term bank finance, the renminbi opportunity.
9. Trade Credit Insurance
Everything you need to know about trade credit insurance: what’s covered and what’s not covered; trade credit contracts; documentation details; pricing; declarations; claims and recoveries; debt collection; and the New Zealand Export Credit Office.
10. Insurance
Marine cargo insurance, product liability and risk insurance, trade credit insurance, business travel insurance. Why have it, what it will cover, what to look for, what to tell your insurer.
11. Taxation
Tax implications of working offshore; Double Tax Agreements: what do they mean?; working with New Zealand’s imputation system; transfer pricing, overseas tax systems.
12. Intellectual Property
The Global Innovation Index, where New Zealand currently ranks and what that means; innovation and intellectual property; devising a solid IP strategy and embedding it into your export strategy; commercialisation of your IP in overseas markets.
13. Legal
A look at key legal and tax issues surrounding the different business structures adopted when entering new overseas markets.
14. Sales & Marketing
Researching and visiting your markets; creating an export marketing plan, setting prices, developing a sales pitch; developing a digital strategy; website content; making the most of social media; traditional marketing tactics; trade show management; and much more.
15. Packaging & Labelling
Packaging design, environmental issues and labelling, barcodes, dangerous goods and hazardous substances classification and labelling, transporting dangerous goods.
16. Help Desk
Directory of bilateral business councils, Government departments, not-for-profits and import/export-related education providers.
Air cargo terminology, Incoterms and other shipping terms, trading jargon.
We wish to thank our valued sponsors, advertisers and contributors whose support, extensive knowledge and skills have contributed to this Handbook.

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